A company of excellence

ITP S.r.l.
is a company grown by Alfredo Magnani, a commercial agent in the manufacturing sector since 1972. “To reach the market quickly, companies must use someone who knows it well,” says Magnani himself “this is the value of ITP S.r.l.“. Its constant presence on the territory (mainly in Emilia Romagna, Marche) has allowed to be provide the best advise to companies on the choices to be made.

The technical expertise on the products and on the possible applicative solutions has allowed to create synergies between the customers and the technicians of the suppliers, to allow both of them to reach new business goals.

Our know how



ITP S.r.l. it was supplier of the main electromechanical OEMs in Emilia Romagna and Marche, in particular in the transmission, oleodynamic and mechanics sectors in general.
Unrivalled support for customers, thanks to a consolidated know-how thru the years, it is able to respond quickly to technical and market needs.


Special lubricants

In mechanical couplings, in mutual movement, the surfaces undergo a slow and progressive decay, of variable entity and correlated to the operating conditions: Temperature, work load, relative sliding speed.

The choice of construction materials, their shape, surface roughness, obtaining procedure, have a fundamental influence. Among these elements, the choice of the most suitable lubricant can play a decisive role, since it allows the component itself to work well, increasing durability and operating quality by 30% or more.


Microdosing systems

ITP S.r.l. took care of the presentation of dosing and micro dosage systems and plants for:

  • Oils
  • fats
  • Silicones
  • Colle
  • Bi-components
  • Water and resin paints

In over 60 years of activity, the company has become a benchmark in the sector.


Measurement systems, controls and management

  • Measurement systems for off-line statistical process control (SPC) applications and 100% post-process controls.
  • Geometric, dynamic controls, 100% in line of shafts, brake discs, brake drums and flanges, gears with manual or automatic stations.
  • Management and statistical processing of measurement data.
  • Complete management of the measurements in the metrology room, allows to collect the measurements of all the instruments of the metrology room, making them available in a single database, in a single format and manageable with a single analysis tool.
  • SW customization and specific applications to satisfy particular customer needs.
  • Training courses; use of software, SPC, statistics, DOE.
  • Sonic and non-destructive Eigen frequency controls.
  • Three-dimensional measuring machines with and without contact.